6 Best FPS Mouse for Gaming in 2023 Review

First-person shooter games, especially multiplayer ones, insistence high accuracy as well as quick reflexes; while the latter upgraded on a whim, you can increase its accuracy by choosing a mouse designed for FPS titles.

The definition of the best FPS mouse for gaming differs from person to person. Some people prefer wired models, while others appreciate the freedom of a wireless mouse. Some players like their mice to be lighter than a feather, while others are using too heavy mice, which are slower to shoot, but great for shooting enemies on the map.

Whatever your preferences, we have the right mouse for you. Our best list of FPS mice includes wired and wireless models, ultra-light-bodied mice, and wild rodents.

Ambidextrous and ergonomic tips. And if you can’t find a mouse that meets your needs, check out our buying guide at the end of this article for lots of useful information on buying an FPS gaming mouse. We will start.

6 Best FPS Mouse for Gaming


1. Corsair Nightsword RGB

Here is a decision for any individual who inclines toward heavier mice for their FPS gaming needs. The Corsair Nightsword weighs 119 grams, yet that is only its base weight. The mouse accompanies six outcomes altogether, permitting clients to switch somewhere in the range of 119 and 141 grams for the best insight.

With regards to plan and manufacture quality, this is an ergonomic mouse intended for right-gave individuals. It has a total thumb rest with an enormous body, ideal for clients with giant hands. Likewise, this mouse ought to be ideal for clients with little hands, as it is entirely agreeable to utilize and is planning for various hand sizes.

Gaming execution is tremendous gratitude to the 18,000 dpi optical sensor, ideal etched handles for a superior fit, and the link that won’t trouble you even on the most distressing occasions.

RGB fans will adore a considerable amount of RGB LED exhibits set all through the mouse, and marksman fans will probably utilize the sharpshooter button (the catch that brings down DPI while holding it down).

Except if you have huge hands, the main issue is that expert marksman catch will be hard to hit seemingly out of the blue. Besides, those little spaces on the mouse’s surface will top off with a wide range of frightful stuff rapidly. Lastly, if you don’t incline toward thick and hefty mice, the Corsair Nightsword RGB isn’t for you.

  • Excellent ergonomic design
  • Adjustable weight
  • Excellent gaming performance
  • The sniper button can be handy for some players
  • RGB galore
  • Not for users with tiny hands
  • Not suitable for gamers who prefer lightweight gaming mice
  • The sniper button is sometimes hard to reach


2. Glorious Model O

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Clients searching for an extraordinary first-individual mouse that is likewise essential for the ultra-light family should look at the Glorious O. This mouse includes a honeycomb plan that decreases its weight to only 67 grams.

The more subtle form, reasonable for clients with little and medium hands, weighs just 58 grams. It makes the Model O probably the best mouse for quick pointing and lightest gaming mice available.

The capability to use both hands configuration is unfathomable, and the interlaced super-light link is the ideal mouse partner with this light. The construct quality is very acceptable yet not excellent, on account of the grand plan.

The honeycomb configuration implies less solidness and a body that will, in general, gather a wide range of soil and grime. The fantastic presentation of this mouse will accomplish on account of the 12,000 DPI optical sensor. Besides, it has something to do with the larger than usual coast cushions, which have right around zero contact.

We likewise truly like the Glorious Model O’s RGB execution. It’s rich and beautiful, yet it doesn’t feel crude or excessively forceful. The catches have the typical framework of three regular catches with two nets on each side and a trap to change the DPI. With regards to negatives, this mouse may appear to be excessively light to a few.

Additionally, it doesn’t have the best form of quality. However, the bundle, n general, is enormous thinking about the cost. Furthermore, the mouse is accessible in two sizes, contingent upon the size of your hands. Generally, this is a definitive gaming mouse for any individual who cherishes lightweight gaming mice.

  • Super light
  • Excellent gaming performance
  • Fully ambidextrous design
  • The cable is very light but durable
  • Ideal for all hand sizes
  • Build quality is not great
  • Honeycomb design, but may discourage some users
  • Some users may feel the mouse is too light


3. Razer DeathAdder v2 Gaming Mouse

The incredible DeathAdder mouse has been perhaps the ideal alternative for FPS games for longer than ten years. It proceeds with DeathAdder v2, which is something beyond a facelift for the clique model. Above all else, the new model has a similar optical sensor as that of the Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed.

It implies unequaled accuracy and 20,000 dpi goal, short take-off separation, and excellent steadiness and responsiveness. At that point, the new DeathAdder likewise got classy optical mouse switches with 70 million ticks. The mouse clicks feel somewhat frail like the catches aren’t settling.

Proceeding onward to the plan, the mouse includes a demonstrated framework, which shockingly implies anything but a left-gave mouse. The ergonomic shape just works for right-gave clients; however, the mouse is very agreeable and fits all hand sizes.

The manufacturing quality is incredible, and we value the way that Razer has chosen to put significant coast cushions on the mouse, guaranteeing an ideal float through any material.

The link is interlaced and healthy; however, it doesn’t feel hardened, which is phenomenal for playing relentless FPS games where even a little mistake brought about by link drag can distinguish between life and demise.

Concerning the disadvantages, the mouse is practically excellent. If you like the ergonomic plan, needn’t bother with a considerable amount of catches, and approve of a marginally healthy 82 grams weight, this is probably the best mouse for FPS gaming.

  • Excellent gaming performance
  • Optical switches found on midrange mice
  • Wide feet allow for traction without traction
  • Excellent build quality
  • The cable is durable but not rigid
  • Right and left click may seem fragile
  • A little heavy for fans of ultralight mice


4. Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed

If you are searching for the most elite and incline toward remote mice, the Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed ought to be your most ideal choice. Most importantly, this tiny mouse is amazingly light in weight. At only 74 grams, this mouse is perfect for individuals who lean toward lightweight mice and need small availability.

The build quality is remarkable, regardless of the low burden. The ability to use both hands configuration settles on this mouse a shocking decision irrespective of which hand with you’re pointing.

The 20,000 dpi sensor guarantees outrageous accuracy; the dormancy is very low, even contrasted with wired mice. The mouse remembers eight programmable catches for complete, which should be sufficient to plan activities usually utilized in FPS games.

All in all, gaming execution is impressive. With regards to battery life, the Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed can last as long as 70 hours. When vacant, you can charge the mouse through a miniature USB link or the advanced looking docking station. Another incredible thing is the profoundly responsive optical mouse switches appraised for 70 million ticks.

Concerning the negatives, there are a couple. Above all else, a miniature USB port on a leader is unsuitable in the current year. Second, most outsider Micro-USB links won’t work with the mouse, as their base is presumably too wide to even think about fitting in the mouse’s miniature USB port.

We might likewise want to see more curiously large pallet cushions at the base. The absence of Bluetooth availability may appear to be a disadvantage; however, Bluetooth isn’t reasonable for any type of relentless gaming, so we can’t consider it a drawback. All that else concerning this mouse is first class, constructing the Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed, the best mouse for FPS gaming.

  • Excellent performance
  • Seamless wireless connectivity
  • Excellent build quality
  • Reduced weight for a wireless mouse
  • Features a fully ambidextrous design
  • No USB-C port
  • Not suitable for people with extensive hands
  • Most third-party USB cables not using for charging


5. Logitech G Pro Wireless

Gamers who favor heavier mice, or don’t care for the Viper Ultimate for reasons unknown, should look at the Logitech G Pro, extraordinary compared to other remote mice out there.

It’s equivalent to the Viper Ultimate with regards to pretty much everything. The assembling quality is astounding, the sensor utilized has a goal of 25,600 DPI, the remote presentation is top tier, and the battery goes on for as long as 60 hours.

The mouse includes using both hands plan and has seven catches at the top and two catches (on-off switch and DPI switch) at the base. The main thing the G Pro needs is weight, with the Logitech model gauging 80 grams. A little differentiation, however, a distinction regardless

The G Pro Wireless has enormous coast cushions, which we love, yet the general execution is practically indistinct from the opposition. As such, the G Pro Wireless is a phenomenal mouse for first-individual shooting.

Concerning the cons, battery life could be longer. Furthermore, the USB link is thick and may prompt an excessive obstruction while charging the mouse while gaming. Then again, you can utilize outsider Micro USB links to set the mouse. Last, this is another lead with a miniature USB link, which we don’t care for. All that else is superb for playing FPS games.

  • Light for a wireless mouse
  • The most accurate sensor you’ll find on the market
  • Excellent gaming performance
  • Flawless wireless performance
  • Fully ambidextrous design
  • Without USB-C
  • The charging cable is thick and stiff
  • The battery life could be longer


6. HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro: Best FPS mouse for gaming

The HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro is an extraordinary spending mouse for FPS games. It weighs under 100 grams (95 grams, to be careful), has a precise 16,000 DPI sensor, is truly agreeable to utilize because of its ergonomic plan, and gives unobtrusive RGB lighting that looks very great.

The construct quality is superb for a mouse that sells at this cost.

The body is sturdy, the plastic utilized in the body has an unpretentious surface and is charming to the touch, and the link is interlaced and not very solid.

The sideboard includes a durable plastic that won’t speak to everybody, except you find that the thick surface just adds to the hold once you become accustomed to it.

The gaming execution is incredible on account of the 16000dpi sensor and because the extra fastens are clear to reach in any event, for clients with little hands. Since the mouse has enormous sliding cushions, Overall, for fanatics of first-individual shooter games who like their mouse to be somewhat thicker, HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro is the ideal choice in the spending class.

The product utilized by the mouse is more regrettable than anything we’ve seen, and the plastic used as an afterthought board won’t dazzle everybody, except at the cost; it’s an incredible mouse for FPS gaming.

  • Excellent gaming performance
  • Very comfortable to use
  • The subtle RGB lighting is a great compromise for most users
  • Excellent quality construction
  • The cable is durable but not too stiff
  • Not for fans of ultralight gaming mice
  • The plastic used on the side panel may be uncomfortable for some users
  • The mouse software is quite disappointing



Some FPS fans need a sniper button as well, and of course, there’s an age-old debate about using wireless mice for first-person shooting. Here you can read the details on how to choose the right mouse for FPS games.

In my view, in all of the above mouse, the glorious model o is the best gaming mouse because this mouse features a honeycomb design that reduces its weight to just 67 grams.

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