5 Best Laptops For Cyber Security For Students [2023]

There is a competitive race between different Multinational companies, best laptops for cyber security, the companies are also more focused on securing their professional and personal data.

The company hires security professionals and maintains a proper security system to maintain its important information.

Professionals not only use the tools and software’s to make their system more secure but also need laptops that have hardware configurations required for Cyber Security.

Best Laptops For Cyber Security For Students:

Below mentioned is a detailed list of some of the most acknowledged laptops that can use for the purpose of cyber security.


best laptops for cyber security

The laptop which the security professionals find best for their work. it is best for running security codes and also the hacking tools. Let us look at the main features too.

This laptop weighs 5.29 lbs. and the described dimensions are 15.07 x 10.23 x 1.06 inches. The size of the screen of this laptop Solidworks is 15.6 inches and the technology used is the Full HD.

A resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels gives a high range of colors to security professionals. The laptop is built with a RAM of 8GB RAM and a processor of i7 HQ Quad Intel Core Processor.

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Windows 10 OS runs on this laptop and it increases the experiences of work for the professionals. It can be connected through these modes: a slot for an SD card, a power jack, a mini-display port, and an HDMI Port.

This laptop is built with a red-backlit lighting system and it comes with anti-ghost keys. Moreover, the laptop gives the 3D level sound quality and reduces the external noise.

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2. Alienware AW17R3-1675SLV 

best budget laptops for cyber security

A laptop that is best for the purpose of coding and programming is important for cyber professionals to carry their work. It is also light in weight.

Design and light in weight. The surfaces are filled with carbon which is aerospace. The screen size is 17.3 inches fully HD and LED screen which comes with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

This laptop is built with a RAM of 8GB Engineering Students and a processor of i7-6700 HQ Intel Quad-Core. This combination allows the user to do multitask at a faster speed.

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USB Type-C for supporting great speed; Gigabit Ethernet of RJ-45; HDMI Output; technologies related to Thunderbolt 3; Alienware Graphics Amplifier Port; Unreal Engine 4 Noble Lock Port and DC/Power in Jack.

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3. Asus ROG (GL703GE-ES73) Strix Scar Edition

best cheap laptops for cyber security

Asus and is widely known as one of the best laptops for providing cyber security. Let us read about the main features. The screen size is 17.3 inches and the technology used is Full HD. It refreshes at a rate of 120 Hz.

The laptop is built with 16 GB RAM and the processor designed is an i7 Intel Core processor- Sims 3 based on turbo-boost technologies and built with the latest GPU which comes with 12 threads and cores and is the best laptops for cyber security.

It comes with a built-in memory of 128 GB and also a 1 TB HHD which allows cyber security professionals to save a large amount of data.

Asus ROG offers these connectivity options: Wi-Fi, Type C USB, Mini Display Port, and HDMI 1.4. It is popular for its good thermal cooling as it is installed with 2 12V fans.

Once you charge it, this Film Students laptop can work for the next eight to ten hours. It makes the best option to be picked for the work of cyber security.

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4. CUK HP Pavilion for Cyber Security Reviews

best laptops for cyber security

Notebook by Hewlett Packard and is specifically designed for professionals related to the field of cybercrime and cyber security. This is designed sleek in design which comes with lightweight.

The screen is full HD and it comes with a refresh rate of 144Hz and gives the bright side of the screen. It provides viewing angles to the user.

And built with a RAM of 16 GB RAM Bioinformatics and a processor of an i7 six-core Intel processor. This combination of RAM and Processor allows multitasking and allows the cyber professionals to work on easy.

Also, it has a Solid State Drive of 500GB which can store big files such as projects, PPTs, software, and applications along with many significant data.

The laptop can be connected with Microphone/Headphone Combo, Skyrim Special Edition an HDMI port, USB Type-C, 2 USB Gen 1, a Bluetooth port, and a Wireless Connection port.

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5. Apple MPXQ2LL/A Reviews

best laptop for cyber security

We have the most widely acknowledged laptop from Apple. This laptop is designed by keeping in mind the main features to cater to the needs of cyber security professionals. It comes with the following features:

This laptop is sleek in shape and it is light in weight and it weighs only 3.02 lbs. The laptop has a width of 0.59 inches and is made up of aluminum.

It has a Retina LED display. The screen of the laptop provides a resolution of 2560x 1600 pixels with an aspect ratio of 16:10. This allows the professionals to use the laptop for long hours of work.

Apple MPXQ2LL/A is built with a RAM of 8GB RAM which can store huge data of files, run applications, and software. In addition to that, the laptop is built with a processor of an i5 7th generation Intel-core processor assisted.

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You should look for the following features in your laptop before you invest in one:

Cyber security professional and his requirements according to job needs. Some people prefer to buy a laptop with a small screen while others prefer to buy a laptop with a huge screen.

The screen with higher resolutions provides use high-quality images as compared to the screens with lower resolutions Pentesting. The higher the resolution, the more precise the display quality will be.

A cyber security professional needs to indulge in multi-tasking. This multi-tasking becomes difficult with low-capacity RAM. More RAM allows using more Apps at one time.

That is suitable for cyber security shall be able to boot with dual operating systems and run password recovery applications, run several VMs on the same system, and boot Kali from the USB drive.

Also, check out the battery timings of the desired laptop. If the laptop does not come with long hours of battery, then it will get difficult for you to work as the person will not be able to take it outside with enough battery.

The laptop is light in weight and that can help you in remote works. Our detailed list must have given you an idea of what a cyber-security shall look for in his laptop and which are some of the most featured on the list.

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