How to Play Ps4 On Laptop Screen With HDMI -2023

How to Play Ps4 On Laptop Screen With HDMI? is a question we all game lovers wonder when we want to enjoy PS4 gaming on a laptop but, playing PS4 on a laptop screen could be a tough factor to try and do. However, if you plan to play your “Play Station-4 (PS-4) “on a laptop screen then the TV one, then you better fulfill some of its major requirements. Of course, it’s not quite advisable, to be honest, to attach PS-4 on to the portable computer as a result of the High Definition multimedia system Interface (HDMI) port on the pc and the reason is that it’s usually unidirectional suggests that it solely takes either input or output.

The reason is that the HDMI port is unidirectional. It solely displays the content of the portable computer screen through the HDMI to the external monitor. The major requirements about this to function is by computer, having video input and HDMI input on the pc. Then a link builds up with the PS-4 and then there is not much to do otherwise.

Let’s Begin (How to Play Ps4 On Laptop Screen With HDMI):

In order to let your PS4 games to play on laptop dream to come true, you will be using the method of “Video Capture Card” that’s right, now the reason to do it with a video capture card is that this method is quite easy, however, it’s not much pocket friendly but hey, anything for gaming right?

This application can allow you to get yourself a good entertainment and quite an immersive PlayStation vice as you’re connected remotely to your PS4 system. Now in order to let your dream come true, you will need;

  • PS4
  • Laptop
  • HDMI with dual-functioning
  • Micro-USB Cable
  • Internet Connectivity

Steps to Run your PS4 on Laptop

Step1: First of all, enable that file sharing on your PS4. Go to Settings in the PS4 menu. Then head to Network Settings, at that time you’ll notice internet connection Settings. notice your actual router and connect with it.

Step2: Next, very important, you need to get yourself a video capture card. Find the best video capture card there is in the market and buy it. This will help connect your PS4 to a Laptop easily.

Step3: Now in the third step, connect the video capture card to the laptop with the help of a USB cable. Now install the software that was to be installed with the video capture card to let it function properly.

Step4: in this step, connect the ps4 console with the video capture card through associate s-video affiliation cable. Connect the HDMI-in on the capture card and HDMI-out on the ps4.

Step6: Lastly, open the applying software system that came with the video capture card and power up your ps4. the software system can look for the ps4 and show it on the laptop computer screen. Now keep this sure that the application is in full-screen mode to show the total resolution.

That’s it, now with the help of these easy steps, you will be able to stream that ps4 game on your laptop and enjoy.

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