What is the most common pointing device on laptops? 2023

What is the most common pointing device on laptops? A pointing device is a specified term which is used to control the movement of a cursor e.g a mouse, a stylus or a trackball. It is an input device which gives output on the computer screen. Pointing device is also termed as a picking device because it picks the user’s choice pointed by cursor.

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) system allows the user to feed data in laptops by gestures i.e by clicking the mouse. A CAD system is basically a combination of hardware and software that enables to design everything. CAD helps in easier development of products. In the engineering world, CAD is extremely significant to design everything from pieces of furniture to airplanes.


  • Mouse
  • Touchscreen
  • Touchpad
  • Joystick
  • TrackPoint


Many of us question what is the most common pointing device on laptops? So, the answer to this question is Mouse. There are also some other devices mentioned above and all of them work smoothly and every user has pointing device according to his ease i.e some loves to use a mouse, some prefer trackpads and others use trackballs, etc. Working of these devices depends upon the inclination of users.

As I have mentioned that using any of these pointing devices is a personal choice of users so let’s move towards discussing some common pointing devices.


A computer mouse is an input device used by many users. A mouse is the most common pointing device which works by moving along a flat surface and by moving the cursor and you can also select items displaying on your computer screen by clicking the buttons of a mouse.

Douglas Engelbart invented the pointing device “MOUSE” and named it so because its cord looks like a mouse tail. It’s working totally depends on its user i.e at which item the user clicks and what its user selects or picks.

A mouse is designed very beautifully. At first, it was invented for only right- hand use but now left-hand user’s mouse is also available in the market. The mouse has two buttons known as right-clicking and left-click. There is a rolling ball between these buttons and now is replaced by a laser. Right-click is for opening the item and left button gives you the option of a drop-down menu.

A mouse may or may not be wireless. It depends upon the user’s choice what he selects for his use.


There are a few types of mouse that are as follow:


Camera Mouse is a free program that controls the mouse pointer by the movement of your head i.e if you move your head to the left then the pointer will move towards left and if you move your head in the right position then the point will go towards the right. This is a camera mouse works.

This mouse has a hidden standard built-in camera or a USB webcam to track your head and you just have to move your head accordingly your needs in front of the webcam.

Camera mouse is basically invented for the people having physical disabilities i.e disability of hands and they are unable to work with their hands. All you need for the working of a camera mouse is a Windows system and a working webcam.


It is a small size mouse that fits onto the index finger and the button on it is operated by the thumb. This type of mouse can be used on any kind of surface. It works by connecting it with a laptop’s Bluetooth connection and finger mouse can work from a distance of 30 feet.

For its working, you just have to move your hand in order to move the pointer. This is very feasible to use during traveling because of its handy feature.


Its name is clearly defining its function i.e it works with the movement of the foot. This type of mouse consists of two parts where one can select the item on clicking and the other is used for cursor movement.

Foot mouse is basically designed for those who have restricted hands movement or have a disability of hands. It is very convenient to use and its functions are similar to other types of mouse.


This is another type of mouse in which pointer works by the movement of eyes. This is designed for people with severe disabilities and they are not able to move. This device also helps in communication to disable people. This device has electro-oculographic potential used to measure the position of the eye relative to the head.


The computer mouse has been very augmented. Nowadays, computer mouse not only works with a computer but it can also be connected to laptops. There are some connectivity ports of mouse that are following below:

  • A USB Mouse
  • ISA Mouse Adapter
  • The Serial Port
  • The PS/2 Ports
  • The USB Ports


Undoubtedly, a mouse is the most common pointing device but there are also other pointing devices that people use for their feasibility. Have a look at them too.


A touchscreen is a pointing device because it gives input when you touch the screen. This can work by touching the screen with your finger or a stylus pen. This is a new feature and found almost in every newly invented device because the touch system makes the device more convenient to use.


It is a small ball that fits in a holder and detects the rotation of the ball. You can move the cursor on the screen by rotating the ball from your thumb or finger. It works for the up-side and down-pointing.


It is like a little pad or knob in the middle of the keyboard that works as a pointing device. It helps in moving the cursor on the screen. This pointing device is not available on every keyboard. It is just like a small isometric joystick.


It is a pointing device featuring a pad on the keyboard which has a tactile sensor. By touching your finger on the pad, you can move the cursor on the screen of your laptop or computer.


The keyboard can also be your pointing device by changing your settings of the keyboard in the laptop. Your laptop’s keyboard will then work exactly like a mouse. So, a keyboard can also be considered as a pointing device.


This device is named as joystick because of its similarity with it in structure. It is also a pointing device which is rotated at one end and sends a message to a laptop.


A mouse is the most common pointing device and it is very feasible to use but also there are some other pointing devices which are discussed above. These devices are used according to the easiness and requirement of the user.

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